Bachon ko Qabil aur Ba-salahiyat Kaisay Banayen?

By challenging traditional and outdated approaches, ‘Bachon ko Qabil aur Ba-salahiyat Kaisay Banayen?’ offers an enlightening journey into the world of effective parenting, paving the way to nurture capable and empowered children. 

As the world rapidly evolves, it’s imperative to adapt our parenting approaches to meet the demands of modern times. This journey begins by challenging traditional methods, shedding obsolete practices passed down through generations, and embracing a fresh mindset. The first step? Cultivate an inquisitive spirit and ask the right questions. ‘Are intelligence and wisdom inherent? Why do children often struggle with traditional education? Is reading extracurricular literature essential?’ These are just a glimpse of the probing questions this book delves into with depth and insight, exploring various perspectives and offering thorough answers. 

This enlightening, well-researched guide offers valuable insights into modern parenting, enabling you to adapt your child-rearing techniques and empower your child to reach their full potential.